At The Etcetera, Sweeties.

David King‘s  Pop Up Theatre is back at the Etcetera on the 20th of February 2019, raising funds for Neurosciences, with Sweeties.  This is the 6th time a selection of monologues and shorts will be performed by a group of talented professional actors sharing and creating fantastic stories promoting new writing, often their own.  Shorts up to 10 mins, monologues  2-5 mins. Total run time approx 60 minutes.

David King is an actor living in London (UK). David is an AVM survivor after suffering a brain haemorrhage in October 2014 and the discovery of a congenital AVM. Acting has played a major part in his recovery and so has the gym! Before Acting, David worked in industry – his earlier career, with American Express in the United Kingdom, where he was one of the first people to design and produce training materials by internal email for their employees in Central and Eastern Europe. David then went on to grow meetings and events for international luxury hotel chains. David has combined his corporate training experience and knowledge with his actors training and experience to share his skills in workshops, blogging, coaching, and public speaking while he continues to build his acting career.

In 2018 David recieved 2 monimations for best actor in the short film in A Pinprick Of Light  which also won a multitude of awards globally for best drama.

Sweeties at The Etcetera Theatre Camden Wednesday 20 Feb 2019 7 pm
Tickets via the Etcetera Theatre website