Audition Workshop

Sunday 26 November 2017
11.00am – 1.30pm
Etcetera Theatre
Camden London

Do you want Casting Directors, Producters and Directors to sit up and take notice when you walk into the audtion room?

This unique audition workshop explores your approach to auditioning. You do not need to prepare anything. You will not be looking at scripts or texts as you will be exploring your mindset and your thinking – your approach to auditioning.

The workshop will explore

– Making a change happen in the sudition room
– Making new things occur
– New things that occur naturally
– Knowing the change you seek
– Can I send an email instead?
– Finding a way to alleviate fear
– Filling a hole
– Freedom in chains
– Vulnerability

The workshop costs £20.

To book wither email or turn up in plenty of time on the day.

Workshop Review

Dear David,

I attended your workshop to workshop a workshop! at the Camden People’s Theatre in August.

After taking a year out your workshop was really my first step back into finding my path again.

The material was extremely unique and I believe this was down to your personal experiences.

Your approach filled me with confidence that I thought was gone and made me see it all with a positive new outlook. I have been taking the time to approach new training and figuring out my confidence again.

I found that even in my daily life (as I’m an anxious person) your simple outlook ‘ I’m just here to make change happen’ has elevated me into believing I can achieve what I set out to.

I really want to thank you for the workshop and I hope you go out and share it with all. The personal element of the workshop I believe to me is what made it so unique.

I have since secured my first role back in a commercial film for helping teens into higher education. I fully thank your technique for securing this role!.

Thank you once again for a wonderful workshop.

All the best,

Christina Bellavia

Workshop Leader

David King is an actor living in London (UK). David is an AVM survivor after suffering a brain haemorrhage in October 2014 and the discovery of a congenital AVM. Acting has played a major part in his recovery and so has the gym! Before Acting, David worked in industry – with American Express in the United Kingdom and was one of the first people to design and produce training by internal email for their employees in Central and Eastern Europe. David then went on to grow meetings and events for international luxury hotel chains. David has combined his corporate background with his actors training to develop and share skills in workshops, coaching, and public speaking while he continues to build his acting career.

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